MAY 21st / 4 minutes, b&w super-8 film, 2005

This short lyrical text-based film recounts the last time a child visited his dying grandfather. May 21st explores the complexity of memory through the fragmentation of space and the acute attention to details of the room in which the intimate encounter occurred. This project considers how one's sense of reality evolves over time through the sediment of personal memory.

I opened the door                       

and somehow had the presence of mind

to take my shoes off.

and I went in.

there he was just sitting there.

and I knew that somehow, I had to get

from where I was standing at the door

to where he was sitting in the bed.

but I could barely move my feet.

my legs felt so heavy.

I willed myself to cross that distance.

and I remembered what I had come for.

I think I said out loud

good morning.

I looked at him                                                           

and he looked at me.

I couldn’t say anything.

so we just looked at each other.

he kept his eyes right on me.

and I on him.

and we knew each other.

it was in that moment really

that I realized it was complete. 

the feeling was 

something like.

I am in you.

you are in me.

there is nothing between us.

there’s nothing between us.

I had no idea how long it was.

a moment

five minutes?

it was the only time that he looked at me for that long.

and everything in my life goes back to that moment.

at some point

he lifted his hands

and he said


you can go.

the next minute,

I’m on the veranda with my shoes.                                                                                               

and I’m closing the door.