WREST FILMS / various lengths, color super-8 film, 2012

Developing the material from the WREST performance, this series of single-channel films explores Joan of Arc as an archetypal narrative of transformation. Through the pairing of film with the studio recorded music, this series of vignettes creates a dreamlike space of mythical characters performing within extreme landscapes – the expansive desert of New Mexico, the harsh, bleak winter in Maine. WREST engages with notions of the abject body and it’s relationship to non-linear time and space and to historical figures such as Saint Michael and Joan of Arc (all performed by family members or loved ones.) Edited through a musicality approach, WREST refines its relationship to the operatic metal score, working in both symphonic and infinitesimal gestures. The result is a succession of lyrical films that evoke archetypal ghosts and spirits within our own time of immanent destruction and transformation.