WREST PERFORMANCE / 45 minutes, 3-channel projection color super-8 film and digital video, 2010

Pairing silent film with live music, WREST is a collaborative project between Elliot Montague and composer/performer Jules Gimbrone. Through experimental narrative, WREST explores the story of Joan of Arc as an archetypal representation of transformation. WREST depicts moments of imperative change housed within the queer body. Composer Jules Gimbrone and filmmaker Elliot Montague create a dynamic 45-minute performance joining two artistic mediums – a live 7-piece music ensemble and projected single channel film. Montague’s film draws on saints and mythological figures to bend reality and lead his character through internal and environmental extremities. Gimbrone’s ensemble creates a symphonic landscape through a dramatic mash of polyrhythm, grand melodic gestures, abrasive sound textures, and primordial vocalizations.